Steel, cement and photoluminescent paint.

320 x 150 x 150 cm


The sculpture “Kassandra” gets its name from the Greek myth of Kassandra, who was cursed to see the future, but have no one to believe her.


The sculpture is a contemporary Oracle with a prophecy carved into the cement. Technology might lead us to a dystopian future if we don’t take care of our planet.


Its interactive character allows one to meditate inside, or engage with it in a playful way, because of its several apertures. At night “Kassandra” lines will glow because of the photo-luminescent paint. Its architecture has a synergistic effect on its acoustics, enhancing this way the viewer experience of the surrounding environment. This project was one of the most ambitious last year by "Futur∞n".


The sculpture remains until today on site, making the city population a little bit happier every day

City of Madness, 2018

Installation with electronic waste, unfired clay, LED, sound and mixed media.

255 x 245  x 230 cm


After the ungoverned settlement Kowloon Walled City that once existed near Hong Kong, "Futur∞n" built "City of Madness”. A box containing several processes of artificialization of human life come together to create a shelter that actually protects one from new media influence. The reality expressed by this container evokes the concepts of technology, mediation and interference, accumulation and waste. Products are piled up, structures are manipulated, space is confined a spectator is invited to a moment of recollection, a reflection on our relationship with the world dictated by the constant human agency in the exploration and production of its environment.

Promised Land, 2018

Acrylic paint over wood, transparent acrylic, aluminium, LED, soil and seeds. 

35 x 35 x 35 cm


The golden blocks inside the cube could be seen by the viewer as buildings. The LED panel allows the adequate environment for the plants to sprout from the soil throughout time.

‘Promised Land’ title connects to the myth of ‘El Dorado’, a lost city made of gold and wonders, which was believed to be located in South America. The search for the ‘Promised Land’ is to be considered as the mankind will to search and innovate in order to create a better world. This box was built by "Futur∞n" to test the environment for the “Factory of the myth”

A place for madness and creation, 2018

Scaffolding, e-waste and mixed media

240 x 240 x 300 cm


One of our longest experiments consisted incaging a human being, that got his concept of time, and cultural identity wiped from its memory and put into isolation (our technological grid didn't allow the human to see to the outside, except through the screen, which appeared to it as a TV screen programme). 

"Futur∞n" provided vast amounts of waste, with which the human started to interact. We observed for several days its state of mind evolution. In an initial stage, the subject found creative ways of entertaining itself, but after some time its memory of a life that the individual could place in time drove this being to madness.

World Wide Web, 2017

Rope, acrylic over PVC tubes and mixed media.

16 x 25 x 32 meters


This commission to "Futur∞n" had the purpose to show to some of our wealthiest clients how our network is spread around the world affecting some of the most powerful countries. Our influence goes beyond the control of the internet flow. The company, in fact, is behind every political party, religion, and culture. Diversity gives the sense of uniqueness that the human so much needs in its life.​