In our laboratories, we manipulate human DNA, nature, technology and chemical compounds extracted from Luck, Love, and Luxury. Money is important for us as much as it is for you, so all our products will gain value with time in order to one day make you rich. 

















Our shops and products are only available for Premium People, so you'll have to request authorization if you want to buy something. You can also sponsor the construction of a physical shop for a limited time, in this case, you'll be authorized to buy anything you want. 




















We have a big range of products that go from sculptures and paintings that work as amulets, to crystals, plants, and Gods with mystical powers to help you understand your purpose in life. Besides these amazing products, we also commercialize legal drugs that will induce feelings or states of mind to help you understand the Universe, and how this one works. 

Our technological DNA enhancements are now under human testing, we thank you in advance for your patience regarding this new line of merchandise.

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