Hugo Lami (1994, Coimbra)


" In my work I combine history and mythology in contrast with the technological and cultural evolution of our time. I have always been drawn towards sci-fi and fantasy worlds that reimagine reality under different paradigms. I love technology, but I also hate it. The promise of a perfect relationship given by the amenities of each new device that comes to the market gives me hope that maybe that’s the one which is going to change my life. It never is.


Technology comes from the Greek tekhnologia ‘systematic treatment’, from tekhnē ‘art, craft’ + -logia. 


I am interested in how the concept of technology is constantly changing throughout time. By fusing concepts and objects and displacing them in time my practice speaks of the possible Utopic and Dystopic futures that might become a reality.


My research is based on a work of ‘digital’ archeology of the past, the present, and speculation of the future, in order to understand and configure a reality that does not fit exactly in an analog or digital dimension. Taking this as a starting point it is essential to work with the artifacts, utensils, and traces of a species that is undergoing a paradigm shift. Not only by identifying and materializing what was, but also what is happening now and what is idealized that will happen in the future.


Lami received his MA in Sculpture with distinction at the Royal College of Art (London, 2019). He expanded his practice as a resident guest student at the Kunstakademie in Düsseldorf (2017)  after completing his BA in Painting at the Fine Art Academy in Lisbon, FBAUL (2016). 


Recent group exhibitions include ‘Air’ at the gallery The Muse at 269 in London, Portugal (2020), and ‘Grão’ at the Antiga Capitania in Aveiro, Portugal (2020). Recent solo exhibitions include ‘World Wide Web’ at Antichambre in Düsseldorf, Germany (2017) and ‘A Day’ at the gallery Graça Brandão in Lisbon, Portugal (2016)


Hugo is at the moment an artist in residence at the gallery The Muse at 269 and is working in a commission for UK Power Networks. Future Projects include a solo exhibition at the gallery Espaco Real and a group exhibition with renowned artists at the museum MU.SA in Sintra.