Things Real, Spirit Things, Entities in Stone and Mind,
To certain moments of root thought in us
When in the exterior world it is as though a door opens
And, without anything being altered,
Everything is revealed as different.

Translation by Filipa Freita Naval Ode Translations
Ode Marítima - Álvaro de Campos

Existence and memory are assumed to be sacred, in a dimension outside of space and time, accessible by the symbol. The body of work presented in this portfolio observes the alienation of the human species and the landscape in which one is inserted through its virtualization and digitalization.

Inspired by 3D digital construction software, as well as hardware from our electronic waste, environments, were created sculptures and paintings that reconstruct memories and/or fictions of landscapes that promise a New World.

A work of archeology of the past, the present, and speculation of the future, in order to understand and configure a reality that does not fit exactly in an analog or digital dimension. Taking this as a starting point it is essential to work with the artifacts, utensils, and traces of a species that is undergoing a paradigm shift. Not only by identifying and materializing what was, but also what is happening now and what is idealized that the future will be (premonition).

The concept of identity composed of genetics, belief, and memory is dissolved through the digital to redefine and update the definition of the human being. Like the silica tips of the paleolithic, minerals, metals, glass, and plastic come together to create ‘magical’ objects that are essential for our society. Technology. While the relationship of these human beings to their tools brought them closer to their nature, ours seem to distance us. What will be the consequences and results of the digital age in defining the human being?